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**Discover the Culinary Odyssey of Chef Mohammad Aqil: From Karim’s Legacy to Baba Mughal**

Chef Mohammad Aqil’s culinary journey began at the age of 15 within the hallowed kitchens of Karim’s, an iconic institution founded by his legendary greatgrandfather, Haji Karimuddin. Having imbibed the essence of Mughlai cuisine, he received a distinguished invitation from Morocco’s King Mohammad VI In 1998. Returning to India after this prestigious honor, Chef Aqil dedicated 35 years of his life to the culinary masterpiece that is Karim’s Nizamuddin, preserving and enhancing the tradition of flavors. With a wealth of experience, including setting up various renowned restaurants across different Indian states, he now embarks on an exciting venture, Baba Mughal. This culinary maestro brings his unparalleled expertise and innovation to every dish, promising an unforgettable gastronomic journey that transcends time and tradition.

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